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Nicola Galloway is a Nelson-based food writer, stylist and photographer. She writes and photographs the award-winning website Homegrown Kitchen, and is the author of four cookbooks including Homegrown Kitchen – Everyday Recipes for Eating Well (April, 2017), Feeding Little Tummies (2011), Cooking For Your Child (2006), and Alive! (2004). Nicola regularly contributes recipes and images to magazines, and freelances as a recipe developer and food photographer for food businesses. She has appeared on The Good Morning Show, Whanau Living and Radio NZ National.

Nicola also teaches cooking workshops around New Zealand on traditional food techniques including sourdough, home preserving and fermentation.


  • Your workshop was inspiring and just amazingly fantastic, you are truly an inspirational woman!! Thank you.
  • I follow several cooking pages and have several recipe books, but it's your website that I keep coming back to over and over again. Thank you for all the lovely recipes.